Recon HUD RIB-database to GPX 1.1 converter

It is important to first convert file to GPX and then connect HUD to
Engage as Engage upload could remove the database file.

Database files are found by USB mounting HUD device to your computer.
Transcend devices have DAYxxxx.RIB -files on root folder, MOD LIVE has
stored them on subfolder /ReconApps/TripData/. Check file modification
dates for file you want to upload.

DAYxxxx.RIB file to be uploaded (1MB limit):

If everything goes well you'll be returned with GPX file to download.
Please be patient about the upload. Nothing seems to happen but you are
uploading the file after clicking upload button. Software will take file
in immediately and process it. But upload screen remains the same.

Please note that GPX file contains MD5 hash of the file. The hash is the
name of the file stored on the server and if you report bugs/issues or
anything, please attach the filehash into email.

Please read the info/disclaimer for terms and conditions

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